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  • Coors & Coors Light 30-Pack Cans

    Coors & Coors Light 30-Pack Cans

    Retail Price: $23.99

    Sale Price: $22.99

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    Product Description

    Coors Light

    The "Silver Bullet",  first brewed in 1978 as a low calorie beer. It is Coors' top selling brand, and the third-best selling beer in the United States. It has won several medals for "American-Style Light Beer" at the Great American Beer Festival, and is the official beer sponsor of the NFL. In 2006, a "frost brew liner", referring to the "Frost Brewed" branding, was introduced. Coors Light bottles and cans feature a cold temperature sensitive label using Chromazone ink. When the mountains on the label turn blue, the beer is at optimal drinking temperature.


    The "Banquet Beer", also known as "Coors Original" is the oldest brand in the Coors portfolio, first brewed in 1874, and has been given awards at World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and at the Great American Beer Festival in 2004.

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